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Jul 10, 2013 6:00am EDT
a juicy hamburger. but it takes a lot of energy to make that hamburger. in general, 100 pounds of cattle food result in just 10 pounds of beef. bugs need less energy to grow. so... 100 pounds of plant food will result in 45 pounds of crickets. that's 4 1/2 times as much edible food as you get from a cow. but this european is not about to eat a cricketburger. so should we tell him that he's probably eating insects right now? it's true. he just doesn't know it. sorry, buddy, it's all of them. which means your hamburger bun probably has insect parts in it. in fact, a lot of foods we eat every day probably have insects in them. they're caught on food at harvest time, or they crawl into food before or during processing. so they end up in peanut butter, coffee, spices, and veggies and fruits, raisins, peas, mushrooms, noodles, flours, and so on. yep, pretty much everything. but don't worry. the fda says it's safe. and two billion daily bug-eaters in the world can't be wrong. now it's time for an on the menu speed round on bugs. we'll name a country and you tell us which bug is often on its men
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1